Portrait by @fyodorsologub

Timothy Harley Jude Nerozzi is a Pennsylvania-born writer living in the worst part of Washington D.C.

After reluctantly leaving the middle-of-nowhere and graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with mediocre grades, he spent the first several years of his adult life living and working in Niigata, Japan.

He has worked as editor of the breaking news desk at both the Daily Caller and Washington Examiner.

He has been published in a variety of outlets, both digital and print, including: Japan Times, Catholic News Agency, Courrier International, The Lamp Magazine, American Spectator, Metropolis Magazine Tokyo, Angelus, NewAfricaDaily, Japan Forward, and Religion Unplugged.

He also frequently writes terrible but earnest short stories, including premises he crowdsources from Twitter.

The stories, essays, and scribbles you find on this site are the worst things he makes. If he can’t sell it, wrote it up quick without much thought, or just doesn’t think it’s up to snuff, it goes here.

Despite his Catholicism and long relationship with Japan, he is neither a trad nor a weeb.

He also found it very pretentious to write this entire “About” section in the third-person, but hopes this lampshade at the end will show he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Notes from Hanazono